What are Super Greens?

Click Here To Buy Green VitalityThere is not a shortage of green drinks being sold on the market today. I’ll review a few of the green drinks here and you can find additional information about these products in the Green Drinks section of this site. My thoughts are that these are the three best green drinks on the market. Just my opinion.

The 1st green drink I will review is called Green Vitality and it is a high-end green drink. This green drink was created by two of Dr. Young’s students, Catherine Daly & Maraline Krey. Both are pH balance experts and have many years of training on pH balance, supplementation and lifestyle protocols. Catherine is also a trained Nutritional Microscopist.

The Green Vitality mix is raw vegetation sifted to a small particle size for simple delivery in drink and food, carrying a dry 9.87 pH meter reading and rated at 310 mgHz of energy, providing you exceptional nutritional benefits. Brought to you through a proprietary cold to low NPA certified manufacturing process preserving raw and organic characteristics of the 27 organic raw nutrients. Ingredients selected not only for an alkaline boost, but very much for their nutritional, healing and restorative properties…for example providing your cells what is necessary to help your optimal performance.

Adding Green Vitality to your daily diet not only helps to cleanse and purify, but gives you those powerful nutrients at a cellular level for whole body support. By providing what your body needs, natural healing can take place.

Helping the body work more efficiently is key. Eliminating the heavier acidic foods in the diet and adding more alkaline foods such as raw, steamed and stir-fried vegetables and/or Green Vitality super greens powder, ultimately means our eliminatory processes work more efficiently by increasing more oxygen in the blood from the green chlorophyll rich foods.

2) pH Miracle Greens is the 2nd green drink I will review. This green drink was created by Dr. Robert O Young and is an updated version of the original SuperGreens.

These greens are ultra concentrated. The process begins with 28 lbs of fresh organic vegetables and grasses. They are then low heat dehydrated at 80 degrees to preserve natural nutrients. The dried material is then carefully ground and blended together.

pH Miracle Greens is an organic greens drink powder mix, formulated by Dr. Young to support a healthy Alkalarian lifestyle and provide your body with the healthy organic nutrients it needs to combat aging, help with weight loss or weight gain, and provide long lasting energy by alkalizing your body.

3) The 3rd green drink I will review is called SuperGreens. SuperGreens was also created by Dr. Robert O. Young. The product contains organic grasses, leaves, sprouted grains and vegetables in a concentrated format. This nutrient-rich, alkaline formula helps to gently pull the blood and tissue balance from an acid base to an increasingly healthy alkaline state.

The SuperGreens formulation includes organic, concentrated ingredients, many of them sprouted when the plant is at its nutritional peak. Each ingredient in the formula is concentrated at its cleanest and purest state, and SuperGreens contains no sweeteners of any kind.

SuperGreens has a deep, rich, natural flavor that may take some getting used to for some. Our taste buds have become used to highly processed, artificially flavored and highly sweetened foods.

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