Updated 5/21/15

trysupergreens.com will relaunch as an ecommerce site soon. We will sell all of Dr Young’s supplements with a focus on pH Miracle greens, Doc Broc Power Plants & possibly even SuperGreens. More details to follow.

InnerLight SuperGreens is not available anymore through InnerLight Inc. Effective April 30th, 2015 the company that sells InnerLight SuperGreens has closed its doors.

It’s been a great @20 year run for InnerLight but sometimes good things have to come to an end.

As many of you know I’ve been consuming & selling SuperGreens since @2000.

So, what do you do?


Find excellent information on the alkaline diet and the importance of water. If you’re interested learning more about the alkaline diet and the science behind it I’ve listed some great books in this section of the site. I’ve also included some other relevant books that are a good read. The links will take you to Amazon where you can read reviews and purchase if you like.


When the pH level in one’s body is unbalanced, almost any area of the body can be affected; nervous system (depression), cardiovascular system (heart disease), muscles (fatigue), skin (aging), etc. Even obesity is a sign of over-acidity, a normal body response which protects vital organs from damaging acids and their effects. Conversely, in an alkaline…


The videos in this section explain how to use SuperGreens and Prime pH as well as an overview of the science behind the pH scale. You will learn what you may experience when taking the greens. If you’re using SuperGreens and Prime pH now or are thinking about using these products, these videos do a good job of explaining the program and the science behind it.