Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet can definitely change your life and your health. The challenge is that it is so different from what we in our culture here in the United States are used to eating. It’s not just the USA, I could probably say the same for really any Western culture. The alkaline is a difficult diet for people.

I always recommend to people to just start off by becoming aware of what foods are acidic and what foods are alkaline. This alone is huge. The reality is that for someone to be eating one way today and totally switch over to a new diet, with different choices and meals, is probably setting yourself up for failure. Someone with a medical condition might have to make the drastic switch today, but in general, most people can do it in phases. This is a lifestyle and you need to work you way into it over time. Becoming aware is where it all starts. Start to transition over time and, at the same time, become more educated on the science behind all this, on the pH scale, on the acid/alkaline balance, and start to knock off food groups one by one. By doing this I think you have a better chance of being successful in this diet.

How do you become aware? You read the books and listen to the cd’s done by Dr. Robert O. Young. You can find these books and cd’s at Amazon or at Dr. Young’s website

For those of you that like to indulge in your favorite “acid”, whatever that might be, have fun and enjoy it when you do it. No one is saying you can’t eat some of you favorite acidic foods, the point is that you need to “cut back” and reduce how much you do this. If you do overindulge, try to get back on the program as quick as possible.

What I have found from doing this program since 2001 is that just being aware of what foods are acidic and what foods are alkaline helps me out tremendously because now I’m making an informed decision if I decide to eat ice cream, drink soda, or indulge in any acidic food.

The other amazing thing that I have found is that after reading the books and listening to a lot of lectures on the topic of the pH scale, I now understand the process of getting sick. In the past I would get a sinus infection like clockwork every year. Right around the September/October timeframe it would hit and would slow me down for 2-3 weeks as it ran its course. Little did I know at the time but my body was forcing me to do a cleanse. My body was forcing toxins to move out. It was a reactive, not a proactive. Anyway, find out more about cleansing. Back to what we were talking about. Now health is very logical to me. I understand how sickness and disease works. I can truly take control of my health.

Understanding the alkaline will be eye opening for a lot of people. Many people will probably have the same reaction I did of “WHAT”!!!, I can’t do this. But I will tell you this diet and this whole pH balance concept is definitely the truth about health and any change that you make is going to be a good thing. So start to educate yourself today, start to become aware today and start to make the little changes that are going to have a huge impact on your life in the future.