Buy InnerLight SuperGreens

InnerLight SuperGreens is available for sale again. If you have questions, feel free to call Ken at 1-954-459-1134. Make SuperGreens the first step you take toward improving your health. Click Here To Buy InnerLight SuperGreens Ingredients: Green Kamut Grass, Barley Grass, Lemon Grass, Shave Grass, Wheat Grass, Bilberry Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Black Walnut […]
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InnerLight SuperGreens Is Not Available

NOTE: June 30, 2016 update – InnerLight SuperGreens will be available for sale again on August 1, 2016 —————————————————————— InnerLight SuperGreens is not available anymore through InnerLight Inc. Effective April 30th, 2015 the company that sells InnerLight SuperGreens has closed its doors. It’s been a great @20 year run for InnerLight but sometimes good things […]
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Quick Start Videos

The videos in this section explain how to use SuperGreens and Prime pH as well as an overview of the science behind the pH scale. You will learn what you may experience when taking the greens. If you’re using SuperGreens and Prime pH now or are thinking about using these products, these videos do a good job of explaining the program and the science behind it.
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How can a green drink like SuperGreens improve your health?

Find information in SuperGreens. A regular use of green drinks will increase energy, reduce infections, reduce yeast and get rid of toxins that are finding themselves in our bodies. You will find yourself waking up earlier in the morning and will no longer have the urge for caffeine or sugar-based products to create a pick-me-up.
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SuperGreens – A Healthy Addition To Your Diet

Dr. Robert O. Young created SuperGreens and blended 49 green vegetables, grains and whole grasses, into this powerful green drink powder.

SuperGreens will allow your body to easily digest over 125 minerals, amino acids and vitamins. With this formula being highly rich in nutrients it will alkaline the body by pulling tissue and blood balances, therefore maintaining an increasing strong alkaline function.

InnerLight SuperGreens is also super concentrated in a 20 to 1 ratio to immediately go to work eliminating acid wastes from the body.

It is ideal to have one-gallon/4 liters, or more, of water each day. In one liter (quart) just add one level teaspoon of SuperGreens powder and 10-15 drops of LL Prime pH and you have a nutrient-dense, alkalizing and energizing drink!
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