pH Miracle January 2016 update – Why is Super-Hydration So Important

Why is Super Hydration so important?

How much water do you drink a day? It is important to understand that because of a gradually failing thirst sensation, our body becomes chronically and increasingly dehydrated, from an early adult age. With increase in age, the water content of the cells of the body decreases, to the point that the ratio of the volume of body water that is inside the cells to that which is outside the cells changes from a 1.1 to almost 0.8. This is a very drastic change and causes one to lose their desire for hydration.

Since the water we drink provides for cell function and its volume requirements, the decrease in our daily water intake affects the efficiency of cell activity. Simply put, the cell is only as healthily as the fluids it is bathed in! It is the reason for the loss of water volume held inside the cells of the body which causes a reduction in the thirst sensation! As a result, chronic dehydration sets in which causes symptoms that equal disease when the variety of emergency signals of dehydration are not understood.

Keep in mind that when we are born our bodies are 90% water and 10% matter. As an aging adult the body begins losing water, dehydration sets in and hydration falls to about 70% water and 30% matter. Upon death the body is only 50% water! In reality we die of dehydration!

Just because someone does not perceive they are thirsty does not mean they are not thirsty. The body adjusts and goes into a masking phenomenon that leaves the body dehydrated.

The adult male or female is approximately 43 to 45 liters of water. These waters need to be filtered and eliminated and replenished daily. If they are not, the rivers, steams and oceans of our body become polluted with digestive, respiratory and metabolic acids. When these acids build up we experience the symptoms of dehydration, we call disease. Any and all disease is an expression of this dehydration and a compromise in the alkaline pH of our body fluids. Disease is not about the cells or tissues or organs, it is all about the hydration and the quality of the fluids of the body that surround the cells that make up our tissues and organs.

The key then to a long life is to maintain the integrity of the internal fluids of the body by a process of hydrating with alkaline fluids. I believe this can be accomplished by drinking a minimum of 1 liter per 30-40 pounds of body weight of pH Miracle Greens with PuripHy daily.

To your health, Dr. Robert O. Young

Tom Brady’s kids have an alkaline lifestyle and diet that is almost as strict as his!

Tom and his family are very aware of the pH Miracle Lifestyle and the teachings of Dr. Robert O. Young through Dr. Alex Guerrero. They all eat and drink their greens daily. On the sidelines of the football field you will see Tom with a bottle of greens. The greens are fundamental in building healthy blood and tissues. When you are green you are lean, serene, and never mean. Stay young, healthy and fit – drink your pH Miracle Greens

For more info, see Health News below

The Digestive System & Gas

What compromises the internal environment of a human body that causes body cells to begin spoiling and rotting? The answer is simple! The body’s build-up of acidic metabolic and dietary waste that has not been properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination – urination, defecation, respiration and perspiration!

Find out more by reading any of Dr Young’s books

What is health and why is it important to manage your pH and become more alkaline?

If no energy equals death, then it makes sense that the more energy you have the healthier you will be. Therefore health must be energy!

Why are so many of us struggling to make it through the day?

The answer is ACID! An acidic internal terrain creates tired, sick cells, which give us low energy, obesity, fatigue, unclear thinking, depression, indigestion, aches and pains!

What is the solution?

ALKALIZE! The average American diet is 90% Acid (e.g. sugar, animal and dairy products, and yeast breads), and 10% Alkaline. The ideal diet would be 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid. An alkaline inner terrain creates healthy, vital cells which produce lean and trim bodies, clear and bright eyes, energy and vitality, and mental clarity.

How do you create an alkaline inner terrain?

Eat more alkalizing, water-rich foods and supplement with pH Miracle Nutritionals!  Your body is 70% water. Doesn’t it make sense that your diet should be too in order to replace the waters lost everyday through normal bodily function?

Alkalizing foods include greens and vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts, beans, etc.

Drink plenty of green drinks and clean water to super hydrate and flush out unwanted toxins.

Take up pleasurable activities that include a form of aerobic exercise like light jogging, rebounding, etc. and commit to it at least 30 minutes per day. Educate yourself about your current state of health through proper physical testing.

Something healthy for lunch….

Lemony Cucumber Salad

6 cups romaine lettuce (about 2 hearts)
1 long seedless cucumber or 3 Kirby’s, peeled, halved
lengthwise and sliced crosswise 1/4 inch thick
3 Tablespoons EV olive oil
2 teaspoons lemon juice
RealSalt and pepper to taste

Toss all ingredients. Serve Chilled.
Yield: 4 to 6 servings

Eating nuts may be better for you than taking statins: Doctors warn that simply changing their diet may be better for some patients than taking drugs

A few questions I’ve received in the last month:

Q: Is there a way to determine how much water with green drink powder I should be drinking per day?

A: There is a Good/Better/Best answer to your question.

Good: Drink 1-2 quarts/liters of water with 1 tsp of the greens powder (there is a scooper in the container – 1 of these equals @ tsp)

Better: Drink 3-4 quarts/liters of water with 1 tsp of the greens powder

Best: Drink 5+ quarts/liters of water with 1 tsp of the greens powder

Another way to look at it is via your body weight:

Good => body weight divided by 50 (then convert to quarts/liters, i.e. I weight 160/50 = 3.2 quarts)

Better => body weight divided by 40 (for me, 160/40 = 4 quarts)

Best => body weight divided by 30 (for me, 160/30 = 5.3 quarts

One scoop of the greens in each of the liters. If you want you can also put more greens like, 1-4 scoops in each quart/liter. Personally I use 2-3 scoops of the powder in each quart/liter. I worked up to this amount over time.

Q: What supplements do I take on a daily basis and what is my protocol?

A: I use 5 pH Miracle supplements on a daily basis: 1) pH Miracle Greens, 2) PuripHy pH drops, 3) pHour Salts capsules, 4) Pomega pHive oils & 5) Pure Energy

When I get up:
– Take 2 pHour salts capsules
– Take 1 Pomega pHive capsule
– Drink 12oz Pure Energy
– Drink 1 quart/liter of water with pH Miracle Greens and PuripHy

Then I exercise

After exercise
– Drink 1 quart/liter of water with pH Miracle Greens and PuripHy

In afternoon:
– Take 2 pHour salts capsules
– Take 1 Pomega pHive capsule
– Drink 12oz Pure Energy
– Drink 1 quart/liter of water with pH Miracle Greens and PuripHy

In evening:
– Drink 1 quart/liter of water with pH Miracle Greens and PuripHy

I hope this helps!


Health News

Personal chef shares all the things Tom Brady and Gisele REFUSE to eat

Gisele and Tom Brady’s personal chef details the family’s strict plant-based diet which BANS all white sugar, flour, coffee, dairy, gluten, non-organic produce and iodized salt

Allen Campbell works for the couple in Boston and often goes on the road with them. He revealed that most of their diet consists of vegetables, and there is a long list of things they won’t put on the table. Their kids, Benjamin and Vivian, usually eat the same foods — except for Ben’s lunch, which Gisele packs herself. Despite the veggie-heavy menu, Tom also won’t eat tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, or most fruit…..

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Drinking Just One Soda A Day Exceeds Health Experts Recommendations

Daily soda consumption can lead to abdominal fat gain over time.

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages like soda daily may lead to more abdominal fat gain over time, according to a new study.

So-called visceral fat in the midsection wraps around internal organs like the liver and pancreas and affects the function of hormones like insulin. Insulin dysfunction, and becoming resistant to insulin, is closely tied to type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk.

“A lot of prior studies have looked at sugar-sweetened beverages and obesity,” said lead author Dr. Caroline S. Fox. “We looked at body fat distribution, in particular change over time.”…….

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Sugar 101

There are two types of sugars in American diets: naturally occurring sugars and added sugars.

* Naturally occurring sugars are found naturally in foods such as fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose).
* Added sugars include any sugars or caloric sweeteners that are added to foods or beverages during processing or preparation (such as putting sugar in your coffee or adding sugar to your cereal). Added sugars (or added sweeteners) can include natural sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar and honey as well as other caloric sweeteners that are chemically manufactured (such as high fructose corn syrup)…..

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When his weight tipped the scales at 560 pounds and his marriage collapsed last summer, Indiana-based artist Eric Hites knew something had to change. He settled on pursuing one drastic measure that would prove to his wife he could take his health seriously: riding his bike across the country to lose weight.

Hites’ goal quickly went viral on Facebook—and after a few weeks on the road, his wife was so impressed by his commitment to making a lifestyle change that his newfound riding obsession actually saved their marriage…..

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Top medical officer tells Britons drinking any alcohol is risky

Britons should drink less because any alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer and other diseases, government health chiefs said in new guidelines that were immediately denounced by critics as “nanny state” scaremongering.

With alcohol rated as one of Britain’s biggest health problems and binge-drinking revelers causing mayhem in city centers every weekend, health chiefs said no level of drinking could be considered safe.

People should now drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week, the equivalent of 6 pints of beer or 7 glasses of wine, to reduce the risk of illness. Previous guidelines issued 20 years ago recommended no more than 21 units for men and 14 for women.

“Drinking any level of alcohol regularly carries a health risk for anyone, but if men and women limit their intake to no more than 14 units a week it keeps the risk of illness like cancer and liver disease low,” said Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England.

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Move over, quinoa: sorghum is the new ‘wonder grain’

The ancient grain originally from Africa has American chefs raving about its texture, taste and drought-resistance: ‘It fills your mouth and your stomach’

Forget millet, quinoa and brown rice: there’s a new grain in town.

Sorghum, an ancient grain from the dry African plains, is finally finding its way into restaurants throughout the United States. Whether it’s a drizzled on top of desserts, mixed into salads, or used in a no-rice risotto, chefs turned onto the ingredient have fallen in love with it.

“It’s called the ‘wonder grain’,” says Chef Michelle Bernstein of Cena by Michy and Seagrape restaurants in Miami, “And as a chef, it truly is a wonder.”…..

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Healthy breakfasts ‘help pupils do well’

Children who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to do well in end of primary school assessments than those who do not, a study suggests.

It also found unhealthy food such as sweets had no positive effect.

It is the first time a direct link between pupils’ breakfast quality and consumption and their educational attainment has been demonstrated.

The Cardiff University study asked 5,000 nine to 11-year-olds to list what they ate in 24 hours.

The study involved more than 100 primary schools in Wales and built on research started 10 years ago…..

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