InnerLight SuperGreens Is Not Available

NOTE: June 30, 2016 update – InnerLight SuperGreens will be available for sale again on August 1, 2016


InnerLight SuperGreens is not available anymore through InnerLight Inc. Effective April 30th, 2015 the company that sells InnerLight SuperGreens has closed its doors.

It’s been a great @20 year run for InnerLight but sometimes good things have to come to an end.

So, what do you do?

My recommendation would be to check out pH Miracle greens or Doc Broc Power Plants. Both of these products are created by Dr Robert Young. He also created InnerLight SuperGreens so getting one of these two improved green drink powders is the logical way to go for those that love his products.

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I’m now a dealer for all of Dr Young’s most current & improved formulas. You can find my store here at

Over the years Dr Young has created 4 versions of his green drink powder. The 1st generation was InnerLight SuperGreens used by 1000’s of people across the world.

pH Miracle Greens is the 2nd generation of Dr Young’s green drink powders and is the best to move to if you liked the InnerLight SuperGreens. Just like InnerLight SuperGreens this formula has a high concentration of grasses, leaves, herbs, vegetables & sprouts.

pHoliage/pHruits is the 3rd generation of green drink powder followed by the most recent, and 4th generation, Doc Broc SuperGreens.

Which one should you use?

If you don’t want fruits in your green drink powder, go with the pH Miracle Greens.

If you want some superfruits (without the sugar content) go with the Doc Broc SuperGreens.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I have been using Dr Young’s products since 2001 and can honestly say they have made a difference in my overall health. His products are the best green drink powders on the market.

The green drink powder market is very crowded now. Lots of competitors (with lots of different fillers and ingredients). Go with someone you can trust and get any one of the three Dr Young’s green drink powders currently available, pH Miracle Greens, pHoliage/pHruits or the most recent Doc Broc SuperGreens. If anything changes on the InnerLight SuperGreens formula you will be the first to know.

If you’ve been using other InnerLight products and you want to know what product to switch to, here is a listing of the InnerLight product and what pH Miracle product you should move to. I’ll add to this list as time goes on.

InnerLight SuperGreens ===> My 1st recommendation pH Miracle Greens  , My 2nd recommendation Doc Broc Power Plants

Prime pH ===> pH Miracle PuripHy

BioLight ===> pH Miracle Cell Power

I hope this helps.

All the best! Ken