Have A Business? Need Help With Online Marketing? I Can Help

Not only am I a health conscious nut and run a couple of nutritional websites (like the one you’re on now TrySuperGreens.com) but I also know a thing or two about marketing on the internet. I connect with people all across the world via the phone and my websites everyday and I would love to help you, or your business, do the same.

If you need help with online marketing, please get in touch with me. I worked at IBM for 21 years then started my own company, Surfside Marketing Inc. I help companies and individuals grow their business online. Currently I’m managing over $75K per year in advertising spend for my clients.

I can help in a few areas:

– Pay Per Click marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook to advertise your business
– Website banner ad design
– Simple website site set up with WordPress (just like this one)

This is really all you need and you are in business.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.