A green drink is a blend of vegetables, organic grasses, sprouts and other essential greens that are good for you.  These types of greens help to prevent diseases and illness.  Foods that are sugary and acidic such as red meat, pasta, sugar, eggs, dairy products and processed foods can cause all sorts of health issues such as weight gain, lack of energy, illness and other health problems.

To get a healthy supply of vegetables into your daily diet, you can juice them into a drink.  This will allow your body to absorb the nutrients from your vegetables faster because they are in liquid form.  If you are not up to juicing your vegetables on a regular basis, a green drink can be a good alternative.

It goes without saying that a healthy body requires fresh fruits, vegetables and greens.  These foods provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for healthy functioning.  A green drink or two daily can help to ensure your body is getting these nutrients because most people do not consume enough vegetables and greens to get the most benefit from them.

Many of the vegetables, fruits and greens we eat are processed being canned, stewed or frozen.  This results in them losing the vitamins and minerals which are otherwise found in the fresh kind.  There is a big difference between an apple and applesauce.

The green drink helps to get rid of acid in your body which improves your health and releases stored fat resulting in weight loss.  The greens and plants in this drink help supply the body with extra oxygen and fuel body cell function.  By adding just 1 or 2 of these drinks to your diet each day, you will begin to feel healthier and more energized all while providing your body with the nutrients it needs each day to function properly.

Vitamins are the same way.  Although these supplements are taken with the intent of providing our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals, they are not doing as well of a job as some might think.  This is because they are formulated, processed and compressed into pill form which makes the body struggle to absorb the nutrients because most of the work is breaking up the hard pills.  Through this process, only up to 15% of the nutrients in the pills are typically absorbed before they pass out of the body.

Green drinks not only supply your body with all the vitamins and minerals in vegetables and greens, but they also cleanse your body ridding it of unwanted toxins.  They also provide your body with more energy, better looking skin and hair and help fight off illness and other health problems.  These drinks are easy for the body to digest because they are liquid form resulting in quicker nutrient absorption.

Essential Vegetables and Greens in a Glass – A Good Green Drink Can Provide You With This